So, who is Jesus? Was He born a virgin and resurrected from the dead? Or are these questions irrelevant to the real Jesus? Is He simply a legend, a lunatic, or Lord? Is there a third option? Read on to discover more. The answer to this question will help you understand who Jesus was and what He did for us. The basic facts about Jesus’ life are a well known and widely accepted fact. He was born into a poor family in the first century and grew up in a small town. In fact, his name was the name of a carpenter who specialized in healing. However, he was much more than that. His death on a Roman cross was a perfect example of His sacrifice for mankind. who is Jesus to you The genealogy of Jesus proves He is the promised Messiah, the Christ, and the Son of God. This is the primary purpose for His coming into the world. The Bible tells us that the prophets had predicted His death hundreds of years before He came. It is a testimony to the truth of the Christian faith, and it is the foundation of our faith. So, let’s take a closer look at His genealogy. There’s no better way to understand His mission than to look at it from His perspective. As a man, Jesus acted in a way that a human being can comprehend. His humanity and love for mankind are his greatest achievements. He fulfilled ten unique messianic prophecies in his final 24 hours of life. He also had the common Hebraic name “Joshua” – “God saves”. The meaning of the name “Jesus” is “God saves us”. The Gospels record the life of Jesus. The four gospels tell of His death, birth, and resurrection. The New Testament records the life of Jesus. The name “Jesus” comes from the Hebraic name, “Joshua.” It means “God saves.” The Bible also notes that the father of Jesus was a carpenter. If he had been a carpenter, why did Jesus choose such a name? Besides being the Savior of the world, Jesus also fulfilled ten unique messianic prophecies in his life. These prophecies included a Savior for the world and a Messiah who would save the world. Therefore, the name “Jesus” is very important. It is the most commonly used name in the Bible. It is also the most common in the Bible. It is an ancient, biblical, and a modern day version of the gospel of the Bible. The Gospels describe the life of Jesus. The gospels also record the life of the disciples. The first gospel is Matthew’s account. In John’s account, the shepherds ate a lamb. The elders ate the lamb and were baptized by the angel. These two events were a sign that the Messiah had come. These two stories were a testament to the person of Jesus’ existence. Many other people had heard of the Savior, but were unsure of it. Was Jesus a socialist