I have to admit, the weekly planning process is basically what keeps my productivity levels high, but my monthly planning routine is how I actually make progress with my goals throughout the year. this is often a time I sit down and really reflect on how my previous month went and the way I can make the subsequent month even better. However, monthly planning is incredibly unique to every individual! So, today I’m getting to take you thru my detailed monthly planning process. Not for you to repeat step-by-step, except for you to require inspiration in creating your very own. Once you’ve got a planning routine that’s unique to your life the magic begins! able to dive in? I sure am!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy for more information. What is a Monthly Planning Routine? Let’s all get on an equivalent page here and begin simply. A monthly planning routine may be a checklist you complete once a month. I like better to do that round the Judgment Day of the month (whenever it fits into my schedule). It comprises of tasks that assist you to evaluate how your previous month went (such as answering reflection questions and evaluating your goal progress) and found out a replacement successful month ahead (such as creating a replacement master monthly to try to list, creating new projects, writing out your new monthly goals…). Related: Smash Your Goals this Year with Monthly Goal Reviews A weekly planning routine will help skyrocket your productivity, while your monthly planning routine will keep you on target to succeed in each of your goals this year! CLICK TO TWEET Why has a Monthly Planning Routine so Important? As I’ve touched on, having a monthly planning routine is often incredibly beneficial. additionally, to help you review your previous month and found out a successful next 30-days, a monthly planning routine can help you: Maintain your goals through check-ins, goal break downs, and re-evaluation Increase your productivity by prioritization and planning for the month ahead Prepare for major upcoming events Maintain progress on large projects and found out new ones by following the ever-important project planning process Make sure nothing slips through the cracks Keep up together with your financial goals through budget check-ins And so much more! Related: Master the Project Planning Process in 10 Easy Steps The top productivity tips and time management ideas will change your life in college, work, business, or as a occupy home mom. Start staying organized and blast through your to try to list by employing a planner, becoming a morning person, and mastering your daily schedules, study habits, and writing. Even includes free printables to assist you to stay focused and utilize these life hacks. Pin this post now so you don’t forget these life-changing secrets! #planneraddict #organization #college Top Planning Supplies Everyone plans in their own unique way. Personally, I even have found the foremost success combining both paper planning (physically using pen and paper) and digital planning (using apps and computer programs). Below, I even have listed my go-to planning supplies and products. All of those I completely SWEAR by and need I had used about them sooner! The Olden Chapters Ultimate Student Printable Planner: I used to be never ready to find a paper planner that completely fit my needs, so I created my own! This planner includes over 50 great planning layouts, student worksheets, financial planners, project trackers, and so. much. more. Plus, because it’s printable, you’ll print off any page as repeatedly as you want! Check it out! The Olden Chapters Goal Printable Planner: this is often the last word goal printable planner! With over 25 different workbooks, calendars, trackers, goal worksheets, and more, this planner includes everything you would possibly got to reach each and each goal this year. The Olden Chapters Project Planning Freebie: Another great resource (and completely free, i’d add!) is my Project Planning Freebie! This includes a project planner dashboard and an entire project planning checklist to assist ensure each of your projects is planned to a T. Related: Master the Project Planning Process in 10 Easy Steps! A5 Filofax Binder : handily , my favorite binder to place my planner pages into is that the Filofax A5. I prefer the Malden style, but they also offer an excellent Original binder and a Finsbury binder (plus more options seasonally…). Kikki K offers some great A5 options too! Bullet Journal : in conjunction with a planner, many of us address a bullet journal to jot their everyday thoughts and concepts . Many have also created an excellent planning system with it as well! this technique is printed in Ryder Carroll’s bestselling book . Coleto Pen and Refills : Every planner needs an excellent pen. The Coleto Pen is my current favorite! it’s a multi-pen that gives four different colors to use, all at your finger tips. Zebra Mildliner Highlighters : Another planning must-have may be a highlighter set of course! These help ease your color coding process and permit you to spotlight important events or tasks. Zebra Mildliners are, handily , my favorite go-to highlighter, as they’re far more mild than regular highlighters and offer two different sized tips! Colorful Page Flags : Page flags assist you index important pages and simply navigate through your planner. an inexpensive must-have planning essential! Washi Tape : Finally, washi tape is my planning supply obsession. it’s colorful tape that you simply can easily write of , allowing you to embellish your planning pages, flag multiple dates on a calendar, and more. Check out my Ultimate Student Printable Planner Bundle , it’s everything you would like to skyrocket your GPA, plan your life, manage your finances, score some killer scholarships, then much more! This student printable planner is ideal for college kids in college, highschool , middle, elementary and residential school. Includes many pages and templates which will help some time management, goal setting, personal development, organization, and more! Includes layouts for daily, weekly, and monthly planning also as calendars, cleaning schedules, shopping lists, meal planning and everything in between to arrange your life. Read now to find out about the right student planner today! #college Project Planning Freebie Are you able to get serious about your productivity? Well, me too… This great project planning freebie will help kickstart your productivity and switch your major projects into small, bite-sized actionable tasks you’ll easily schedule into your future. Download this freebie now and obtain started mastering your projects today! Learn how to overcome the project planning process in ten easy steps. this is often one among the simplest productivity tips for school students looking to remain organized and better their time management. Includes a free project planning printable to remain organized and attain your biggest tasks. Read now to find out longer management and productivity tips! Email Address First Name My Ultimate Monthly Planning Routine After many a few years of completing the monthly planning process, i feel I even have finally got my routine nailed down! Below, I even have listed each and each step I complete during my monthly planning review. i might wish to quickly note that I also complete a full monthly goal review during this point also , my entire goal review process is listed during this blog post. Related: A Step-By-Step Guide to Monthly Goal Reviews 1. Complete Daily Planning Checklist First thing’s first… completing a daily planning checklist will assist you stay awake so far together with your |along with your”> together with your current task lists and confirm you sign up with your daily habit trackers. This process doesn’t take very long and may make an enormous difference. Related: An Ultimate Guide to Daily Planning 2. Complete Weekly Planning Checklist Similarly, it’s incredibly important to end up a weekly planning checklist before you progress on to the monthly scale. This takes a touch longer than a daily planning list but will confirm you’re up so far with all of your projects, weekly goal check-ins, then far more this is often essential in ensuring nothing slips through the cracks! Tip: If you discover that your weekly planning process takes a touch of your time , then consider completing your weekly planning and and monthly planning checklists on different days to assist space it out. Related: the right Weekly Planning Routine to Skyrocket Your Productivity 3. Complete a Monthly Braindump Next, it’s time to tug out a blank sheet of paper and complete a radical braindump. If this is often your first one ever, I suggest taking the maximum amount time as you’ll in doing this process. then a fast monthly braindump are going to be just fine! A braindump, also referred to as a brainsweep, may be a brainstorming session to assist empty your mind of all the projects, goals, thoughts, events, etc. and switch them into actionable tasks. This process was originally presented by David Allen in his book Getting Things Done . In it, he fully walks you thru the way to do that process and has templates to follow to form sure you don’t miss anything. I highly recommend checking it out ! Once this is often done, transfer each of your braindumped items onto your master task list or calendar of events. Tip: If non-fiction books are difficult for you to read, i like to recommend trying to read David Allen’s book via Audiobooks . this type makes it MUCH easier to take! Check out David Allen’s book HERE . The top productivity tips and time management ideas which will change your life in college, work, business, or as a occupy home mom. Start staying organized and blast through your to try to to list by employing a planner, becoming a morning person, and mastering your daily schedules, study habits, and writing. Even includes free printables to assist you stay focused and utilize these life hacks. Pin this post now so you don’t forget these life changing secrets! #planneraddict #organization #college 4. Fill in Monthly Calendar This next step is pretty simple , just fill in your monthly calendar with any events you recognize you’ve got arising like birthdays, important meetings, deadlines, concerts, parties, etc. This is also an honest time to transfer these events to the other calendars you would possibly have. for instance , we keep a house calendar in our kitchen so everyone knows what’s happening and when. you’ll also transfer any events you’ve got on your monthly calendar to your weekly and daily pages also . Pin this post for later! 5. Create Event Tasks Next, check out your upcoming events and add any relevant tasks to your master task list. for instance , perhaps you’ve got a birthday coming up; so you would possibly add “purchase, fill out, and send Joe’s birthday card” to your master task list. Tip: I’ve created an opportunity down on the way to create a master task list in my Weekly Planning Guide! A master task list is your comprehensive to try to to list that contains every single task you would like to finish , but it’s organized and utilizes time management basics. 6. Complete A Monthly Goal Review I have a whole blog post dedicated to monthly goal reviews. inspect that post HERE. In short, a monthly goal review includes: Reflection on your previous month Evaluating which goals are completed Checking off all completed goals from your yearly goal list Celebrating your accomplishments

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