With the right accoutrements you can change just plain curtains to curtains with pizazz. It doesn’t matter if you are using plain sheer panels, panels with color, texture or patterns, or pencil pleated curtains. When you learn how to use curtain tiebacks, you can make a style statement and bring more interest into your room. Decide if you are going to be using tiebacks as a method of opening and closing your curtains, or if you are going to be using them as a permanent design treatment. If you are going to be using your tie backs to open and close the curtains, you may want to consider using side hooks. These allow the curtains to be pulled behind the decorative hooks during the day, and then released in the evening. s fold curtains You will come across a plethora of hooks and hook ideas. If you are decorating your room in a contemporary style, there are hooks made in shiny silver and polished pewter. They have very simple, clean lines. If you are going for a traditional look, you will find many hooks that have designs and figurines that show when the curtains are pulled back. There are even hooks that have a wrought iron feel for those wanting a Tuscan room. You do not have to use hooks when you learn how to use curtain tiebacks. If you are going to use the tiebacks to open and close your curtains, you can choose from a selection of cord and rope ties that can be secured to special hardware when open and left to drape when closed. Again, depending on your style and theme, you will place close attention to your hardware and tieback fabric. For the contemporary room there are very simple items that attach to the wall that are sleek and plain. You may want to use a metallic rope or cord to match. For a traditional look you can use tiebacks with tassels or a macramé design. If you are using tie backs for purely decorative purposes, the sky is the limit when you learn how to use curtain tiebacks. When a home owner has a group of large windows that seem to cover a wall or allow views to mountains, lakes or landscapes they may use groupings of sheer panels. Each group of panels is tied in the middle so the vistas are unobstructed. If you choose to use your tiebacks in this manner, you do want to insure they are even across. Having different levels of the tiebacks can ruin your well-meant intentions. Many decorators like to use a full swag look when using tiebacks. When using curtain tiebacks you will see double or single window that appears to have one large panel either hanging alone or with a cornice or valence. The decorator will take the left side of the panel and bring it all the way to the right side leaving the panel to swag in the middle. The higher up you attach your hardware and tieback, the more dramatic the swag. Those who are aiming for a more posh and elegant décor may have gathered sheers in the middle of the window, a swag, cornice or valence across the top, and then have curtains that have been drawn closed but pulled back in the middle by tiebacks. Many custom curtains as well as off-the-shelf curtains come with tiebacks made from the same material. This is very important when you are using fabrics like silk and velvet, or when you have chosen a fabric that is patterned, floral or a special color. If you do not have tiebacks of the same fabric, there are plenty of tieback ideas in ropes, cords, faux chains, braids and more.