The fees of property management agencies may range from 5% to 12%, but the rate varies significantly from suburb to suburb. Fees are higher in the city, but they’re also lower in outlying suburbs. In Potts Point, for example, there are more property managers competing for a small market, and fewer agents. This means lower fees for small property owners. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT FEES SYDNEY Property management fees in Sydney range between 5% and 10% of rent. The fee structure may vary depending on the suburb and type of property. In high-density areas of the city, fees are lower, but those in rural and regional areas will incur higher fees. As a result, it is important to compare the rates of various agencies before selecting a property manager. The cost of management services varies widely in the city, so it’s essential to compare a range of fees before making a final decision. The fees of real estate agencies in Sydney vary. In general, most charge a fixed annual fee for managing your property. Some add charges, such as advertising costs and inspection fees, to their management fee. These are listed on their annual statement of expenses. A median property in Sydney will collect between $1400 and $2300 per year. Other fees may include a daily administration fee, a weekly administration fee, or an end-of-year financial tax statement. In addition to monthly fees, property managers also charge a letting fee and a management fee. The letting fee pays the agent for sourcing a new tenant and is usually equivalent to one to two weeks’ rent. The management fee is a percentage of rent and varies from five to 12% in Sydney. For comparison, the fees for residential property management in Australia are typically lower in the city than in rural areas. The fees charged by property managers vary greatly from suburb to suburb. In Sydney, fees are higher in the city center, where competition is fierce. Consequently, property managers in the suburbs will charge lower fees. In the suburbs, however, fees are higher. This is due to the fact that there are more agents in these areas than in the CBD. In the Sydney area, a median apartment complex collects five hundred dollars per week, but in the surrounding countryside, the fee could be up to two thousand dollars. The average fee charged by a property manager in Sydney is five percent of the rent. The fee varies between agencies, but it’s common for agencies to charge between five and ten percent of the rental price. For a median Sydney apartment, this would be between $1400 and $2300 per year. These fees are often less than the cost of a single month’s worth of services for a median apartment. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT FEES