Introduction: In this fast moving world, innovations take place every day and in every sector. Styling the homes of yours and offices becomes an essential part to be able to enrich the appearance of the space. Nevertheless, selecting the proper glass for your offices and homes may be overwhelming. The various styles, features and materials may be daunting to select from. Hence, researching beforehand is important as knowing the perfect alternative for the glass applications is actually essential. Types of glass: AIS offers you a bunch of glass like frosted glass, tempered glass, tinted glass, lacquered glass, laminated glass and several other types. Such glass types may be used for your interiors i.e. your exteriors, etc., shower screens, staircase, partitions, and doors i.e. windows, facades, and more. Check out several of the most effective products that are actually perfect for the interiors and exteriors of your offices and homes. Click here to get high-quality residential glass for your house.  For interiors: AIS Decor Lacquered glass With our lacquered glass range, you are able to make your interiors look fresh and innovative. This glass is actually made by applying a special high quality paint to one side of the glass. With light effects and colour, lacquered glass helps convey a creative and bright appearance for furniture and walls. Enhanced by the glass, the colour brightens up interiors and animates the surroundings with brilliance and reflections. This particular kind of glass may be used in the kitchens of yours, bathrooms, living offices and rooms as well for doors, cabinets, walls, and more. AIS Securityglas Another glass which could be used within the interiors of your house is actually the laminated glass. This glass is actually manufactured by adhering 2 or perhaps more sheets of glass together with a flexible PVB interlayer. The PVB interlayer filters the sun eliminating up to ninety nine % of UV rays while allowing the important visible light to pass through. The bond between the glass and interlayer is able to absorb accidental human impact. In case in case the glass breaks, the fragments adhere to the interlayer thus minimizing injuries to folks. This glass also offers folks with excellent sound insulation properties. AIS Stronglas Tempered or perhaps toughened glass is a kind of safety glass which is processed by controlled thermal or perhaps chemical treatments. This particular process makes the glass four to five times stronger and increases its strength as compared to regular glass. In times of a breakage, tempered glass breaks into small fragments that cause minimal damage to the folks. As a result, it may be used for various interior and exterior applications with ease. AIS Swytchglas This particular kind of glass has the power to change the light transmission properties which can immediately turn translucent or transparent at the flick of a switch. This glass can be used in doors, windows, skylights and partitions that can provide much better privacy and aesthetics. For exteriors: Insulated Glasses Insulated glass consists of 2 or perhaps more panels of glass separated by an air space and other types or an aluminium of spacer. The blend of 2 panels of glasses and the trapped air is actually what makes insulated glass a superior energy efficient method of glazing. By installing this particular glass, you’re certain to reduce heat build up in summers and condensation and heat loss in winters. Setting up this glass will even provide you with air conditioning, heating costs, lower UV transmission, increased wind load strength and numerous other benefits. AIS Tinted If solar heat is a problem for the space of yours, installing tinted glass is actually the correct option. It absorbs thirty % to forty five % of the solar heat and also helps reduce energy costs. Our glass is also highly adaptable and may be used to incorporate new design trends in the space of yours. With our services and products you’re certain to see much more in comfort, security and safety. Nevertheless, with such a broad range at the disposal of yours, settling on the right glass can be difficult.In such cases, choosing a well known glass expert could be invaluable. A glass expert on board is able to do wonders to the appearance of your offices and homes. Soft-coat Reflective Glass This glass is created by the deposition of metal particles on the glass surface area by a chain reaction in a vacuum vessel. This glass is known as soft coat glass. It offers better shading coefficients than any other pyrolytic coated glasses. Hard- coat Reflective Glass Hard coat glass is very durable and can be heat treated with ease. This enables it to be curved according to the requirements of yours and may be bought in sizes that are different, thickness and is actually available in an assortment of colours. The experts: AIS glass is actually India’s leading integrated glass solutions company that provides a number of glass for various purposes. AIS provides a comprehensive bouquet of solutions that includes consultation services, glass selection & processing, and glass integration, service and installation. With us, you don’t have to be concerned about achieving the best balance between aesthetics, appearance and functionality. With professionals that are qualified guiding you and understanding on the proper kind of glass for your offices or homes you’ll certainly make the correct decision. Get in touch with us and we are going to help you clear the confusion as well as you achieve what you set out for the perfect home. Contact the best commercial Glass and window company from here. 

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