Dab rigs can be sold as a complete kit with everything you need to get started right out of the box, or they may be sold as individual parts. If you’re just starting out, or want something quick and simple, we suggest going with a complete kit. Freezable Bongs If, however, you’d like to opt for customization, buying parts individually isn’t a bad way to go. Basic components usually consist of the glass rig and nail. You’ll also need a torch lighter in order to heat the nail to the proper temperature necessary to “dab”. The nail is THE most important part of your rig, and if you’re going to splurge on expenses, this is where you want to put your hard earned money. Ready to get started? Enough talk, let’s get down to brass tacks. Check out our selection of top quality, affordable and effective range of dabbing rigs and accessories to help you have the best smoking sessions possible.  

How to Dab

Once you get set up with a rig and your preferred concentrate, place a tiny amount of the concentrate in/on the dabber. Make sure that you are seated and comfortable so as not to get jarred or risk dropping or spilling. Next, turn on your torch and direct it towards the center of the nail. The nail should be heated with the torch to the point where it’s red-hot. The time it will take to reach that temperature will depend on the size of the nail, the material its made from and the room temperature. Once the nail has reached the optimal temperature, leave the torch alone and put the dome over the nail. The nail should cool for at least 10 seconds, or longer if it’s quartz. Once it’s cooled a bit, use the dabber to place the dab on the nail, let the magic happen, then inhale slowly and with consistent suction/force. After you take a hit, don’t forget that both the nail and dome will still be quite hot, so wait a while for them to cool down before handling, or have a fire resistant surface such as a metal pan or countertop to place them on while they cool off.