Preserved roses make a fantastic addition to any home. These vibrant floral arrangements can instantly spruce up a room and add a touch of luxury to your decor. Whether you’re looking to impress your guests or simply brighten up your day, preserved roses offer a timeless and elegant appeal. If you’re new to these types of arrangements, you probably want to know how to care for preserved roses. Our 100% real flowers require very little upkeep and can stay fresh for over a year. By avoiding water, sunlight, heat, and humidity, you can enjoy your rose box for months to come. Preserved roses are a welcome addition to practically any room. So how do you display preserved roses? Here are some useful tips to help you show off an elegant flower box in your home. By using this advice, you can enjoy fresh and beautiful arrangements wherever your heart desires.  mirror box

Bedroom Bouquet

Wake up and smell the roses by placing a flower arrangement in your bedroom. Consider adding preserved flowers to your nightstand or dresser for a morning pick-me-up. You can glam up your bedroom with a dazzling arrangement that both looks and smells amazing. A rose bouquet can also help you spice things up with your special someone. Try a traditional red rose heart display for a romantic addition to your bedroom. You can surround your flower box with candles or soft lighting to create an intimate atmosphere. By integrating preserved roses in the bedroom, you can keep the passion and romance alive.

Breakfast Table Centerpiece

Place a preserved rose box arrangement on your breakfast table to enjoy a blissful start to your morning. You can enjoy a beautiful bouquet as you sip coffee, take in the sunshine, and get energized for the day. How do you display preserved roses on your dining room table? If you’re looking to start your day with flowers, aim for bright and vibrant colors.

Bathroom Countertop Display

You can create an at-home spa with the help of a beautiful preserved flower arrangement. Enjoy your very own bathroom bouquet along with some candles, music, and a freshly drawn bath. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long workday or practice self-care, preserved roses are a welcome addition to any bathroom display.  

Coffee Table Decor

A living room display is a perfect fit for social butterflies with frequent house guests. By placing a flower box on your coffee table, you can add a fun and elegant touch to your family room. Make sure to pick a color that suits your living room. You should target an arrangement that compliments your furniture, walls, and other pieces of decor. Design your own arrangement to customize your rose box and find the perfect fit for your living room.

Luxury in the Kitchen

A decorative flower box can bring the elegance of a five-star restaurant straight to your kitchen. Not only can preserved roses provide a luxurious feel, but they can also set the mood for a romantic meal at home. Light some candles and move your arrangement to the kitchen table for a quiet date night with your significant other. Before placing an arrangement in the kitchen, you need to remember how to care for preserved roses. Keep your display out of direct sunlight and away from water to ensure it stays healthy and vibrant all year long.

Dining Room Display

Let’s face it: most people rarely use their dining rooms. Placing preserved roses in the dining room adds elegance and gives you an excuse to use this oft-forgotten area of the house. While you may not want to leave your preserved roses in the dining room all the time, it can be a great option for special occasions. Consider moving your display to the dining room for holidays, special meals, and dinner parties.