There are dozens of apps consumers can download to locate the simplest restaurants, but what sets them apart? Here are ten of the simplest food apps that provide quite an easy food delivery service.

Yelp Available in London, Italy, and Poland

American multinational company Yelp may be a huge review forum wont to connect customers with local businesses, including restaurants. Foodservice owners can found out accounts and interact with their customers. The reviews are sourced from consumers themselves and therefore the site currently has over 163 million reviews to seem through. From its extensive network, Yelp recently discovered a “tremendous rise” in diners preferring independent restaurants within the US and fast-casual chains having a 16% decline in ratings.

The corporate also introduced hygiene scores on its platform last month for restaurants in NY, California, Texas, Illinois, and DC. The score comes from local governments’ nationwide database of health inspection reports and is predicted to return into effect in additional states over the approaching months.

Yelp for Android, Yelp for iOS

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OpenTable Available in Dubai, Berlin, and Tokyo

An online restaurant reservation service that assists restaurants and diners alike within the UK. Diners are connected to over 40,000 restaurants monthly and have spent quite $16bn at OpenTable’s partner restaurants. An annual list displaying the simplest 50 restaurants across the united kingdom is additionally a feature of this app, combining over many thousands of reviews from restaurants on its platform. Earlier this year, the reservation company redesigned its app and included two new tabs – one showing restaurant options supported the diner’s location, the time of day, and more, and therefore the other providing personalized restaurant recommendations supported the customer’s dining history and preferences. OpenTable also launched a seating options feature to its app last week for diners to order seating anywhere within and out of doors a restaurant or bar.

OpenTable for Android, OpenTable for iOS

Just Eat Online and mobile food ordering delivery service Just Eat operates in 12 markets worldwide including Denmark, Ireland, the UK, and Canada. It has 93,700 restaurant partners, offers 100 different cuisine types, and is all about that specialize in the tiny takeaway establishments. After conducting some research earlier this year, Just Eat discovered that 59% of independent restaurant owners believe they might grow within five years, however 65% stated their concerns about maintaining profitability and wish advice. thanks to this, the worldwide marketplace launched an initiative called Business Booster this year to support independent restaurants expand.

Tasteful For those struggling to locate healthy food tailored towards a vegetarian, vegan, paleo, or gluten-free lifestyle, Tasteful finds these options as local to the buyer as possible. The app has around 252,357 healthy restaurant options in 8,000 cities across the US. The Tasteful team generates data and analytics with the assistance of nutritionists, chefs, and food bloggers to present a plethora of data to diners.

Deliveroo British food delivery company Deliveroo claims that restaurants who partner with it have seen their revenue increase by up to 30%. the corporate offers around 10,000 UK restaurants via its app and website and attempts to deliver food by its own drivers in under a half-hourthe corporate has released a support scheme to assist restaurants to reduce their business expenses and thru this, discounted training courses in food safety, supplier management, and nutrition. Deliveroo recently added 5,000 additional restaurants to its portfolio so as to supply more options to locations in Italy, Belgium, Australia, Netherlands, Hong Kong, the UK, and Ireland.

Foursquare Available in Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, and therefore the UK

This technology company uses what it calls “location intelligence” to help consumers and businesses. Users can find places to eat and drink, also as offer opinions and comments regarding a specific restaurant. they will also provide food tips and discuss service standards and share them on social media, which allows companies to receive a variety of feedback and improve accordingly.

Domino’s Available within the UK and Ireland

This international pizza chain has its own app for patrons to order a variety of pizzas, sides, desserts, and drinks with a live delivery tracker alerting the user when their order is being prepped, cooked, checked for quality, and on its way. The app’s launch saw an increase in Domino’s orders by over 41%, consistent with the corporate, with over 11.5 million people have downloaded it.

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