Speed bumps are a great way to reduce traffic speeds and to slow down vehicles. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be placed in several different locations, including residential areas, roadways, school zones, and sporting venues. You can also buy end caps to protect the end of the section from damage. The caps are easy to install and feature 2 mounting holes for easy attachment. These bumps are available for both asphalt and concrete grounds. Speed bumps Unimat The three foot Economy Rubber Speed Hump is made of quality materials and is an affordable option for slowing down traffic. This model is perfect for parking lots, schools, and retirement communities. It can be installed on concrete grounds, as well as asphalt. These speed humps are made with embedded yellow EPDM rubber and can be placed on any width of road. They are easy to install and are available in both Male and Female end caps. Speed bumps Unimat are designed to control traffic. The 3 foot Economy Rubber Speed Hump is a cost-effective alternative to traditional speed humps. It can slow traffic down to 10 or 15 mph, and is ideal for parking lots, schools, hospitals, and retirement communities. The modular unit locks together and is suitable for asphalt and concrete grounds. It is available with both Male and female end caps. It is highly recommended for use on roadways and parking lots. The Economy Rubber Speed Humps are an economical option. They are designed to slow traffic to 15 mph, making them the perfect solution for roads, schools, and other locations. The two-part design makes them easy to install and have a uniform surface. They can be easily installed, and the male and female end caps make it easy to install. These speed humps can be easily installed. Unlike traditional bumps, these humps lock together to form a single, unified surface. The 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Hump is the most economical of all the Unimat speed bumps. With its rugged design, the Unimat Speed Hump is the perfect choice for roadways, parking lots, and schools. Whether they are designed for a parking lot or a road, it will slow traffic to a low enough rate to prevent accidents. If you are looking to curb speeding, you’ll find these bumps at the top of the market. The Unimat 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Bumps are made of high-quality materials that can withstand a lot of traffic. These speed bumps are perfect for roadways, parking lots, and schools. These rubber humps can even reduce the speed of a vehicle by up to 15 mph. They are also excellent in hospitals, retirement communities, and parks, and they are easy to install. These humps are ideal for roads, parking lots, and sidewalks. Speed bumps Unimat